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This small house stands alone at a distance from the main house, surrounded by approx.1000 sqm of garden with shady trees & is therefore an ideal retreat for 2-4 people looking for peace, relaxation + a special atmosphere.

The round building with historical roots

This historic building is a circular structure with 1.50 m thick walls. The origin of this former brick kiln can be traced back to the Etruscans, i.e. about 2500 years ago. The fornace was rebuilt & used in the Middle Ages, then abandoned, but used again in the years 1870-1939 until the clay deposit was exhausted. After that it fell into oblivion again until 2004, when we brought this ruin back to life and transformed it into a charming, picturesque, approx.45 sqm cottage.


From a French door you enter the small living area, from there access to the bathroom & the open kitchenette, via a staircase you go upstairs to a gallery, here is the double bed. In the annex is a separate room for 2 persons.

Do you have your children with you?

Next to the etrusco is a small log cabin with separate entrance with 2 single beds.